We caught up with Will Morris, creator and Cosplayer as he prepares for his role of PSYKO in the UK Superhero Project

Hi, I’m Will. I’m a cosplayer, prop maker/costume maker/designer. I started off my road into acting during my years at high school and joining a teenage drama group at my local community centre.


I appeared in a few school plays but college and university got in the way and I went on a long hiatus until around 2011/2012. When I was invited along to a film shoot by Rotunda Films.


I started working with Rotunda Films and Kevin McDonagh on their sci-fi feature film Celestial Sisters and went from one of the most used extras to helping make props and set elements. This led to me taking up cosplay and I really upped my game in terms of prop and costume design and production. I have continually worked on projects with them ever since.


In The UK Superhero I play super-villain ‘PSYKO’. A former soldier turned PMC (private military contractor). He is given enhanced abilities in the form of telekinesis after being involved in a series of experiments. I’m pleased that I get to bring an original and new character to the screen. It has allowed me to really experiment with different looks and feels for the character but I hope my final design really gives the character a great look and feel on screen. PSYKO is a man who has undergone some very challenging times from his past and the events that led to him becoming a villain.


PSYKO has risen from them but he has been driven mad by what happened to him in gaining his abilities. I’m a very different person to my character, it’s great to play someone who is almost the polar opposite of me. It will be a fun but challenging role and I hope I do him justice. You can expect PSYKO to be a character shrouded in a bit of mystery, his actions speak more than his words and hopefully he will be a great folly for this universes heroes. I’m a big fan of comic books and science fiction.


I’m a bit of a fence sitter in the whole Marvel vs DC comics thing. I love most of their characters equally and both have their merits and flaws. I used several traits from across all the heroes and villains to bring some inspiration to my character within the unique and fun universe we are creating.


I guess I want to one day see someone at a comic-con dressed as my character from The UK Superhero Project. That would be a dream come true!

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