After being abandoned as a small child in a park, Sarah abducted to warehouse where she was beaten and abused daily .

She learnt to fight back and became a stealth fighter for a gang able to slice a mans neck in the flick of the wrist, but one skill the gang never expected her to gain was one they could not defeat. Her ability to see their attacks, they were never able to land a hit on her and in time she never had to try in battles and defeating her foe became so easy she could do it in her sleep. No matter what strike what attack or weapon Sarah could see it coming and defeat them without a second blink. Sarah was able to leave the gang in pieces that abused her for years, and never looked back. When the police came to the scene of the crime all they could see were the slashes on the gang's corpses and the place swimming in blood.

She works mainly with two curved unusual blades when fighting but her favourite weapon is the small claw like blades she has hidden on her hand, delicate, subtle, deceptive and deadly.