After discovering his abilities during his teenage years after getting into a fight in school, he soon attracted the attention of the media and science.


In an effort to escape the attention he became a drifter and fell out of the world. After several years living on the streets he decided to return to the world. He needed some quick cash and fell into working in an underground, illegal ‘fight club’.


The main draw for people to fight him was to see his abilities being able to project an energy pulse but also move certain objects with his mind. The only downside to his abilities was that it caused physical harm to him. He would regularly bleed from his eyes and nose after using them. Prompting him to wear a mask when fighting to hide the blood.


The owner of the fight club would regularly offer him more cash if he carried out work for the gang they ran. James is now stuck in a world he didn’t want to be part of. The draw of the money keeps him doing things he knows is wrong. He is looking for a way out but knows to leave he will have to do something he never wants to do.