Malachai Crane" at least that is the name I call myself these days. I was born in 781 AD Norway, cursed by a volva (Witch) to never reach the gates of valhalla to dine with my fellow warriors in the Halls of Odin - cursed to wonder this pathetic realm for ever, I have seen and experienced more than any man mind could comprehend from the Viking Raids to the Battle of Hastings, The Crusades to the English Civil War,The Great war and beyond - I have grown more and more tired of this mortal realm and thats why I have decided to have myself a little fun.....let the game begin, If I cannot dine with the gods in Valhalla I shall become a God here, I have all the time in the world to become the most powerful man this world has ever known, my army is growing - To the victor the mortal man can stop me.