Meredith Smyth is a lady who after a spectacular fall from grace, has risen from the ashes and returned to her city to take back the dignity she lost.


She is CEO of Rise industries. A somewhat elusive company that specialises in archaeological sciences. Of course, its an expensive front for a more sinister haven of activity.In her time away from the city, Meredith was visited by the spirit of Eris, Goddess of Chaos.


In return for wealth and power, Meredith was tasked with the locating and excavating of ancient artefacts which would unleash demons and destruction alike upon the world.Whilst dubious, Meredith believes she is in partnership with Eris - an ego often rectified with the presence of the spirit possessing Meredith at certain times.


Eris maintains that she is the one in charge and that Meredith is simply a replaceable odity.