He was a child of a classic christian family. One night during diner somebody knock at the door, his father went to open, when he open a group of 5 guys burst in, two of them beat him till he fainted.

When his father regained consciousness, they force him and his father to watch them rape alternately his mother, and after, they beat his all family him included to death, in that moment, in the moment that was close to the death, he woke up full of rage, spirit of vengeance and power!!!
He grab the cross that his mother gave him for his 12 birthday and start to scream and cry, because the only thing left of his happy childhood, was that cross... a cross covered by blood and rage.
He wants peace, he wants happiness, he wants to change the world!!! The only way to do this, is to give humanity, what he always need and wanted... a god!

To become a god and rule the world, he kill all criminals and heroes of his city, took they goods, sold them, get rich and open a societies to finance the ‘’bloody pain’’, a secret society that he build  to expand and dominate slowly and silently the world.

Power : He can alter the density

1) increase the density of his body till become hard like a diamond, and this give him super resistance becoming bulletproof.
2) increase the density of his muscles till becoming  able to lift a car whit ease or becoming super fast.
3) increase the density of the gravity around him to create a gravity zone ( a zone were the gravity is so thick that smash to the ground everybody or everything  in the zone, or if enough strong to just get slow down).
3) decries the density of his body becoming  intangible and  able to walk through the walls or avoid to be stricken.
4) decries the density of the gravity around him and his body density to fly or to make fluctuate people and objects.