is a beautiful and captivating supernatural being who has been forgotten, left behind. She has been deprived of love, human contact and has been through immense suffering and torture due to her psychic abilities, before being banished into the wilderness. Through decades of suffering and loneliness, she turns her focus towards connecting with nature, where she learns to further unlock parts of her mind, and delve further into the arts of telekenisis, telepathy, teleportation and the power to use earthly energies in her favour.

Jealous of those who take life, love, and prosperity for granted, she begins to now fuel her void with causing them torment via observing through telepathy, mind manipulation, taking away what they are ungrateful for and making them suffer relentless pain and mind torture

Her villainous traits are merely an infestation of pain and suffering. she is unaware that she has become a higher source of evil than the people that did her wrong and with her universal strength added to the mix, she is extremely dangerous and unstable.